Natural mineral water «Kraina»



  • Mineral water TM "Kraina" is not gas

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  • Mineral water TM "Kraina" strongly gas.

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  • Mineral water TM "Kraina" weakly gas.

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  • Mineral water TM "Kraina" is not gas

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  • Mineral water TM "Kraina" strongly gas.

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  • Mineral water TM "Kraina" weakly gas.

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  • Kraina SPORT

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What's inside

Mineral composition


24,1 mg/l

Essential for bones, teeth, nails, muscle tissue


8,7 mg/l

It is a good anti-inflammatory


7,6 mg/l

Together with potassium, it plays an important role in maintaining normal osmotic pressure.


146 mg/l

From ancient times was known to man and used by him for medicinal purposes


4,7 mg/l

Very important for muscle activity, especially cardiac

Total mineralization

246 mg/l
About Us

About our company

Health Water

Scientists have proven the relationship between silicon deficiency and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, diabetes, hepatitis, hypertension, cataracts, arthritis and even cancer. Consuming Krajn’s silicon water daily, you take care of your health.

High quality standards and environmentally friendly production. Natural mineral water for those who choose health and quality. The natural composition and structure of natural mineral water

We minimize the influence of the human factor to preserve the pristine quality of our water. We are improving and optimizing the internal processes in the company in order to respond qualitatively to the needs and proposals of our customers. We create a positive environment for customers and employees. We are interested in a long-term partnership, therefore, we offer the highest quality and perfect service. We care about the health of our customers and the state of the environment, therefore we guarantee the preservation of the natural structure, the unique mineral and chemical balance of our water.


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Private Label

A label with a company logo on a bottle of mineral water is an interesting way to expand the positioning of your own brand. For any field of activity — corporate promotion or the hotel business, catering or wholesale, a bottle of mineral water with a branded label is a great opportunity to convey the message of your own business to others. Consider this a unique premium class business card for your brand.

Bottled water at nice prices

The more bottles you order, the lower their cost.

Beneficial synergy

Get a marginal income and reduce the cost of water that you already purchase

Completed work cycle

Leave all the worries to us - we are responsible for the production, design and delivery of your order.

Water TM "Kraina"
acts on the body as a real "elixir of youth"
Full control
Healthy composition
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